# Main

Create URL FileWrite an internet shortcut file, depending on the current platform. More Info
Configuration Location
PATH to main configuration file(s). Config Info | More Info

# Download

Name or path of the external downloader to use. More Info
Downloader Args
Arguments to provide the external downloader. More Info
New! Download Sections
Download chapters whose title matches [REGEX] or use a *[TIME RANGE] instead. More Info
Playlist ReversedDownload playlist videos in reverse order. More Info
Playlist RandomDownload playlist videos in random order. More Info
No .part FilesDo not use .part files. Write directly to output file. More Info
Limit RateMax download rate in bytes per second. 'K' suffix for Kilobytes, ‘M’ suffix for Megabytes. More Info
Throttle RateMinimum download rate in bytes per second before throttling is assumed. 'K' suffix for Kilobytes, ‘M’ suffix for Megabytes. More Info
RetriesNumber of retries. Default: 10. "infinite" is also an option. More Info
Buffer SizeSize of download buffer. Default: 1024. More Info
No Buffer ResizeDo not automatically adjust the buffer size. More Info
HTTP Chunk SizeSize of a chunk for chunk-based HTTP downloading. Experimental! More Info
Concurrent FragmentsNumber of fragments of a dash/hlsnative video that should be downloaded concurrently. Default: 1. More Info
Max DownloadsAbort after downloading a certain number of files. More Info
Abort on ErrorAbort downloading of videos if an error occurs. More Info

# Video Selection

Start of PlaylistPlaylist video to start at. Default: 1. More Info
End of PlaylistPlaylist video to end at. Default: last. More Info
Playlist ItemsPlaylist video items to download. Ex: '1-3,6' downloads videos 1 through 3. Also the 6th video. More Info
Match/Reject Titles



Download/skip matching titles. USES REGEX. More Info
Match FilterSelect videos that matches the specified filter. Filters | Output Template | More Info
Min/Max File Size



Do not download any videos smaller/larger than a certain size. ‘k’ suffix for Kilobytes, ‘m’ suffix for Megabytes. More Info
Date BeforeDownload only videos uploaded on or before this date (inclusive). Format Info | More Info
DateDownload only videos uploaded on this date. Format Info | More Info
Date AfterDownload only videos uploaded on or after this date (inclusive). Format Info | More Info
Min/Max Views



Do not download any videos with less/more than a certain amount of views. More Info
Age LimitDownload only videos suitable for the given age. More Info
Playlist SkipsNumber of failures allowed before the rest of the playlist is skipped. More Info
Playlist Video OnlyDownload only the video, if the URL refers to a video and a playlist. More Info
Playlist OnlyDownload only the playlist, if the URL refers to a video and a playlist. More Info

# Video Format

Format SelectionControl how to format the downloaded video/audio. USES FORMAT. Default: bestvideo*+bestaudio/best. Format Info | More Info
Format SortingSort formats by a certain criteria. Sorting | More Info
All FormatsDownload all available video formats. More Info
Prefer Free FormatsPrefer video formats with free containers over non-free ones. More Info
Merge Multiple Video StreamsAllow multiple video streams to be merged into a single file. More Info
Merge Multiple Audio StreamsAllow multiple audio streams to be merged into a single file. More Info
Merge Output FormatIf a merge is required (Ex: bestvideo+bestaudio) output to a given container format. More Info

# Post-processing

Convert to AudioConvert video files to audio files. More Info
Audio FormatAudio format to convert the audio to. MUST use with 'Convert to Audio'. More Info
Re-encode VideoEncode video to another format. Uses FORMAT. Supported: mp4|mkv|flv|webm|mov|avi|mp3|mka|m4a|ogg|opus. More Info
Re-mux VideoRemux the video into another container. Uses FORMAT. Supported: mp4|mkv|flv|webm|mov|avi|mp3|mka|m4a|ogg|opus. More Info
Audio QualitySpecify audio quality. RANGE: 0 (better) to 10 (worse) for VBR. Default: 5.More Info
Embed SubtitlesEmbed subtitles in videos. Only for mp4, webm, and mkv files. More Info
Embed ThumbnailEmbed thumbnail in the audio as cover art. More Info
Ffmpeg LocationLocation of FFMPEG. Recommend: Use with Use FFMPEG option. More Info
Convert SubtitlesConvert subtitles to other formats. More Info
Keep VideoKeep the video file on disk after post-processing. More Info

# File System

File of URLsFile containing URLS to download. One URL per line. More Info
Don't ContinueDo not resume partially downloaded files. Default: continue. More Info
Disable CachingDisable filesystem caching. More Info
Save File Location
The path(s) where the files should be downloaded. Examples | More Info
Custom Filename
Customize the filename of downloaded files. Template Info | Examples
Restrict Filename to ASCIIRestrict filenames to only ASCII characters, and avoid "&" and spaces. More Info
Windows FilenamesForce filenames to be Windows-compatible. More Info
Limit FilenameLimit the filename to a specified number of characters. More Info
Don't Overwrite FilesDo not overwrite any files. More Info

# Distinct Player

Download LivestreamsDownload livestreams from start. (YouTube). Experimental! More Info
Prefer InsecureUse an unencrypted connection to retrieve information about the video. (YouTube). More Info
Skip DASH ManifestDo not download the DASH manifests and related data on YouTube videos. (YouTube). More Info
Video PasswordLanguages of subtitles to download, separated by commas if more than one. (Vimeo, Youku) More Info

# Work Around

User Agent Specify a custom user agent. More Info
Custom Header
Specify a custom HTTP header and its value, separated by a :. More Info
Sleep Interval Number of seconds to sleep before each download. If used with Max Sleep Interval this is the lower bound. More Info
Max Sleep Interval Maximum number of seconds to sleep. Must be used with Sleep Interval. More Info
Geo Bypass Force bypass geographic restriction by providing the ISO Country Code. More Info
Don't Check CertificatesSuppress HTTPS certificate validation. More Info
Legacy ConnectionAllow HTTPS connection to servers that do not support RFC 5746 secure renegotiation. More Info
Sleep SubtitlesNumber of seconds to sleep before each subtitle download. More Info

# Thumbnail Images

Write ThumbnailWrite thumbnail image to disk. More Info
Write All ThumbnailsWrite all thumbnail image formats to disk. More Info

# Subtitles & Authentication

Write SubsWrite subtitle file. More Info
Write Auto SubsWrite automatically generated subtitle file. More Info
Subtitle FormatSubtitle format. Use --list-subs for a list of all available subtitles. Format Info | More Info
Subtitle LanguagesLanguages of subtitles to download, separated by commas if more than one. Can also use all. More Info
CookiesThe file to read cookies from. Use this to download private videos from your account. More Info
Use Browser CookiesExtract cookies from a web browser. FORMAT: BROWSER[+KEYRING][:PROFILE]. More Info

# Metadata

Modify Metadata
Parse additional metadata from other fields. Modify Metadata | More Info
Replace Metadata
Replace text in any metadata field. Modify Metadata | More Info
Embed MetadataEmbed metadata to the video file. More Info
Embed ChaptersAdd chapter markers to the video file. More Info
Last-modified HeaderDo not use the Last-modified header to set the file modification time. More Info
Write InfoWrite video metadata to a .info.json file. More Info
Don't Clean .info.jsonWrite all fields to the .info.json file. Use with Write Info. More Info
Write Video DescriptionWrite video descriptions to a .description file. More Info
Write CommentsRetrieve video comments to be placed in the .info.json file. More Info

# SponsorBlock

Mark ChaptersCreate chapters for SponsorBlock categories. Use commas to separate categories. Category Descriptions | More Info
Remove CategoriesRemove SponsorBlock categories from video file. Use commas to separate categories. Category Descriptions | More Info
API LocationSponsorBlock API location. Default: More Info
Disable SponsorBlockDisable SponsorBlock. More Info

# Extractor

Extractor Args
Arguments to pass to the extractor. Arguments | More Info
RetriesNumber of retries for extractor errors. Accepts: infinite & [NUMBER]. More Info
Ignore Dynamic DASH ManifestDo not process dynamic DASH manifests. More Info
HLS Split DiscontinuitySplit HLS playlists to different formats at discontinuities such as ad breaks. More Info