This update tweaks some

# Updates

  • The output colors for the destination url has changed to a red coloration. (Rsync)
  • Global options are now differentiable from the individual option types. It's yellow now! (FFmpeg)

  • Adds two new options: --order & --order-time. (Phuber)
  • New site choice. *Currently, only one site. (Phuber)

  • Phuber is now revealed...again!

  • Clarify FFMPEG options. (YouTube-DL)
  • Fix audio quality option when writing a number. (YouTube-DL)
  • Fix stream specifier options. Ex: codec, metadata, disposition options; (FFMPEG)

  • Adds Right-Click functionality for side menus when using a configurator.
  • Headers in News & About pages are now collapsable.
  • Toasts are now present for tip displays. *Can be closed by hovering over the toast and moving away.
  • URL textboxes are now pill-shaped.

# New Configurators

Usually, I create configurators based on the problem mentioned in the about page. But as of late, The command line tools I use does not require the assistance of a configurator. If you would like to suggest a configurator for a command line tool, please let me know and your suggestion may come into fruition. A Request button has been added to the front page for this very reason.

# Where's the Configurator(s)?

Missing configurators can still be accessed by typing their name in the URL path. These configurators will only be Waldo temporarily. Also frog rhymes with log.