Greetings! Some months has passed without any updates... So here are some.


The structure of the codebase has changed significantly. ZimTools has been reconstructed to incorporate 100% React hooks instead of React classes. The construction of advanced configurators can now be accomplished with less setup time.

There are also some slight changes from the user’s perspective. A side menu is active on all configurators. These side menus can be activated through the F.A.Bs. A functionality that has been present since the previous version is the ability to quickly copy your results to your clipboard. Clicking/tapping on the results will copy it to your clipboard. New options has also been added alongside other changes.

As you can tell, a News section has been added to the website. This page will introduce upcoming/current announcements, changes, unrelated news, and words of wisdom about the site.

New Configurators

Usually, I create configurators based on the problem mentioned in the about page.

From my experience, I found it tedious switching between the terminal and the documentation, which I had to scroll through to find what I am looking for.

But as of late, The command line tools I use does not require the assistance of a configurator. If you would like to suggest a configurator for a command line tool, please let me know and your suggestion may come into fruition. A Request button has been added to the front page for this very reason.

Fun Fact

Andromeda by Gorillaz was released 2 days after Mass Effect: Andromeda.