ZimTools is now a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means you are able to add this website to your mobile device's home screen and use it offline! (You do not need to be connected to the internet in order to use the installed app. Just be sure to connect now and again to receive the latest updates). ๐Ÿ•ถ Cool, right? ๐Ÿ‘“

# Updates

  • New section, News Theme Data, below!
  • Increases footer size.
  • Update descriptions for variable option types such as codec, disposition, etc.(FFmpeg)
  • Add shadows to text and check boxes.

  • Configurators have been stylized with the introduction of themed scrollbars. Scrollbar appearance on Chromium browsers are different than Firefox's
  • The NEWS header now switches coloration based on season...With an emoji attached of course.
  • Increase header background size to look nicer on PWA.
  • Fix icon not showing on iOS when added to the home screen as a PWA.

  • Once tooltip is dismissed, it will stay dismissed!
  • Fix: download button not working properly at startup.

  • Can now remove the most recently added command from the shopping cart queue.
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) capabilities!
  • Darken shadow when hovering over configurator cards on Homepage.

  • Major Fix: application crashing when typing in a text field. YIKES!(Phuber)
  • Adds a shopping cart feature ๐Ÿ›’ to save configurator commands to a file. Then download the file when ready!
  • Add Header option now show correct command.(cURL)
  • Change all quotes to ๓ €ข๓ €ขsingle quotes. More quotes coming soon โ€™.(cURL)
  • Make Post Data option textbox bigger.(cURL)

  • Adds double quotes around data found in text fields. (cURL, Phuber, Rsync)
  • Fix: Term field not accepting spaces from input.(Phuber)

# NEWS Theme Data

Check them out here!

With the introduction to the NEWS text changing themes on the homepage, You can now see what themes are about to be loaded.

# New Configurators

Usually, I create configurators based on the problem mentioned in the about page. But as of late, The command line tools I use does not require the assistance of a configurator. If you would like to suggest a configurator for a command line tool, please let me know and your suggestion may come into fruition. A Request button has been added to the front page for this very reason.

# Where's the Configurator(s)?

Missing configurators can still be accessed by typing their name in the URL path. These configurators will only be Waldo temporarily. Also frog rhymes with log.