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This is where information about certain topics will be stored. So maybe some of your questions might be answered here. Choose a header below to view more.

# NEWS Theme Data

Check them out here!

With the introduction to the NEWS phrase changing themes on the homepage, you can now see what themes are about to be loaded.

# Export Your Commands

Multi-Cart 🛒 feature online and ready to go!!! This feature saves your commands to a queue (Session Storage). This means you can browse around the site and save the commands until you are ready to download them to a file. To access these functionalities, open the Side Menu. Under the configurator title, the +, - and File icons are the controls.

# Progressive Web App

ZimTools is now a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means you are able to add this website to your mobile device's home screen and use it offline! (You do not need to be connected to the internet in order to use the installed app. Just be sure to connect now and again to receive the latest updates). 🕶 Cool, right? 👓

# New Configurators

Usually, I create configurators based on the problem mentioned in the about page. But as of late, The command line tools I use does not require the assistance of a configurator. If you would like to suggest a configurator for a command line tool, please let me know and your suggestion may come into fruition. A Request button has been added to the front page for this very reason.